Kase Johnstun

Writer, Runner, Literary Voice of Ogden, UT

Over the last seven years, even though I had worked in writing and editing for many years previous, I began to publish my creative work in journals, magazines, and ezines. Here, I have created a list of my favorite essays and articles, those that I point people to when I want them to understand my work, and me, a little better (not in chronological order). I will continue to upload essays when time permits...this is just a sampling. 

"The Mug Shot that Broke My Heart." Full Grown People. February 2018.

"Change of Course." (Travel Essay). Southwest, the Magazine. August 2017. PAGE 46.

 "The Drought of 2012." (Essay). Like the Wind Magazine. Issue 12. 2017.

"Homeless in Barcelona." (Travel Essay). Coldoon: International Journal of Travel Writing. 2017.

"Your Running Gear May Betray You, but Friends Will Stay with You for 26 Miles." (Essay). Ogden Standard Examiner. 2017.

"Ogden Pub Runners is Much More than a Running Group. They're Family." (Essay). Ogden Standard Examiner. 2016

"A Sincere Thank You to Taylor Swift from a Nearly 40-Year-Old Man." Yahoo Parenting, via The Good Men Project. 2015.

"My Rubber Uncle." (Essay). The Watershed Review. (2015).

"Ogden Man is author of book about birth defect." (Janae Francis). 2015.

"Utah, On Marriage, Is Now that Jerk from High School." (Essay). The Good Men Project. 2014

"Why Don't You Just Have a Drink and Relax?" (Essay). Nailed Magazine. 2014.

"The Flea." (Essay). Animal Literary Magazine. 2014.

"My Year Off the Adjunct Treadmill." (Essay). The Chronicle Review. 2013.

"Fake Soldiers." (Essay). One for One Thousand. 2013.